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I'm a teacher from Slovenia sending two students for an Erasmus+ exchange and I'd like to buy train tickets for them. The students are 17 and 18 years old - can I buy the youth ticket for them? They don't have Swedish student cards, they'll only have their passports.

I'll chose the e-ticket delivery method, but will they need to show the credit card used for purchasing the ticket (I'll be using the schools' credit card)?

Thank you and kind regards, Tina


  • Hello Tina!

    If you purchase child/youth tickets their passport will work as identification seeing as they are under 25.
    But if you choose the student tickets they will have to show a valid student id. Which should be an ISIC card for foreign students.

    When you chose the e-ticket delivery they will only have to show the e-ticket that arrived on your email and their passport as identification. The credit card is not necessary to show on the train.

    I hope this will help you clear things up.

    // Lucas

    SJ Kundservice

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