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Can I purchase a ticket by invoice?

I would like to purchase a ticket by invoice, is this possible when booking through


  • Yes, you can purchase by invoice when booking a ticket through our website. When you have reached Pay you choose "Invoice" under Payment method. 
    In order to pay the invoice, you will need to verify your identity via Mobilt BankID. The invoice will be sent as a PDF to your email address once you have verified it.

    Who can purchase by invoice?
    All swedish residents with a swedish social security number that are 18 years of age can be offered invoice.

    Is there a minimum or maximum amount when purchasing by invoice?
    Yes, we have a minimum charge of 100 SEK and a maximum of 15,000 SEK

    When do the invoice need to be payed?
    The invoice is due after 14 days, but you can extend the payment period for another 10 days at:

    Partial payment?
    You  can choose partial payment up to 3 months, invoice fee of SEK 29 :- per month included. A setup fee of SEK 95:- will also be added to the first invoice.

    You are welcome to contact our invoice support at: (+46) 771-75 75 99 or, if you have any questions regarding this.
    (Opening hours 09:00-17:00 Monday - Friday)

    Annica SJ Customer Service
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