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bicycle in the train

is it possible to take a bicycle with me in the SJ Snabbtag X200 from Malmö to Mjölby starting at 9.10 to 11.41 ?
Thank you!
Yours sincerely,


  • Hi Heidrun!

    You are only allowed to bring bicycles on the X2000 trains, if they're either foldable and can fit in a bicycle bag or screwed apart and in a bag.

    There is no room for you to bring a regular bicycle and have it standing as it is.
    Also this would be a security issue, since the trains move up to 200km/h.

    Best regards
    SJ Kundservice
  • Hello, I want to travel from Stockholm Central to Motala. I will be carrying a bicycle in a plastic bicycle box, which will be my luggage. Are bicycles in hard bicycle travel boxes allowed on this route?
  • Hello!

    Yes you can bring your bike in a bag.

    Kind regards
    Kerstin SJ Customer Serivce

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