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1 class compared with 2 class

What is the difference between first and second class?


  • We have both 1st class and 2nd class on board the most of our trains. The service and comfort on board may differ depending on the type of train you will be traveling with. 

    1 class
    In 1 class you'll travel with maximum comfort and service and you'll always have access to our lounges at the central station of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

    SJ High-speed train
    On our high-speed trains you'll sit comfortably in wide seats with plenty of legroom. You will also receive:

    • Free 4G WiFi.
    • Breakfast on departures before 09.00.
    • Coffee, tea, water and fruit.
    • Possibility to pre-order meals on most routes.

    SJ Regional train, double-decker

    • Free 4G WiFi.

    SJ Intercity train

    • Coffee or tea.

    SJ Night train

    • Own compartment with ready-made bed, shower and toilet.
    • Breakfast on board the night train, the connecting SJ train or at one of our breakfast places.

    Children, youths, and students in 1 class
    Our family offer does not apply in 1 class, nor does any kind of children, youth or student discounts.

    If you want to travel with children in 1 class, you can book your child as an adult.

    2 class
    In 2 class you'll travel comfortably on all our trains.

    SJ High-speed train

    • Free 4G WiFi.
    • Seat reservation included.

    SJ Regional train, double-decker

    • Possibility to reserve a seat on most routes.

    SJ Intercity train

    • Possibility to reserve seat.

    SJ Night train
    On some night trains there's a seating wagon. In couchette and sleeping compartments can choose between booking a single bed or booking a whole cabin.

    Annica SJ Customer Service
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