Processing of personal data

In order to post or comment in this forum, you need to provide your name and email address. Your email address will never be shown to other visitors to the forum.

By posting in the forum, you consent to SJ AB processing the personal data that you submit up to 1 year (name, email adress, IP-address)

  • SJ processes your personal data in accordance with (GDPR)
  • The name you provide is published and visible together with your post.
  • You provide your email address to SJ so that it can be stored and used in accordance with Swedish law.
  • SJ AB is entitled to contact you via this email address.
  • SJ AB is entitled to use your name and your email address to present information from other social media when you have expressly given your consent for the information to be shown publicly. This is used, for example, in order to be able to present a profile image from Gravatar.
  • SJ AB undertakes to never sell or otherwise disseminate your email address, or information which is obtained with its help, to any third party without your written consent.

If you want to remove your data from this forum, you can use the reporting function which appears under each post and comment in the forum. Click on the grey triangle and state why you want to remove the information.

Content on the support forum

You are welcome to use SJ’s support forum to ask us questions, give us tips for improvements, offer criticism, or share your thoughts and ideas about our operations.

Our aim is to have a constructive dialogue with everyone who uses our forum and we find all points of view very valuable.

We do not delete or censor anything written on our page, provided that it is not perceived as an advertisement for products, services, or companies which are not related to SJ and our operations, or provided that it is not a post which can be perceived as offensive and/or threatening to one or more users of the page or to our staff or operations.

Pictures of individuals require consent.