Information about the Corona Virus in other languages

Here you can find information in many languages
Here you can also find shorter films explaining the virus and what you and your family can do to stay safe.
How is Roslagsbostäder handling the situation?
We take this seriously and have made several changes to make sure our staff and our tenants stay safe and that the business can function as normal as possible. Due to the high risk of contamination we are right now keeping our offices closed for drop-in visits. Please call ahead to set an appointment. We don't visit where the tenant is sick, and we don't work if we feel any symptoms of a cold such as fever or coughing. Please only report damages (felanmälningar) that require an urgent care such as non-working kitchen appliances, electrics or pluming.
How is the municipality handling the crisis and what help can you get?
If you require help Norrtälje Kommun has set up a site where organisations can help you in this time of need with for example buying groceries, help the kids with homework, or get medicine from the pharmacy. Read more about it here or call 0176 710 00.

Here you can read updates on how the municipality and the City of Norrtälje handle the corona crisis and how that may affect you. Please make sure you stay up to date with the information as it can change daily.If you have any questions about our service at this time please give us a call at 0176 20 75 00 and we are happy to help you.

Stay safe!

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