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Where can I exchange or redeem old Swedish banknotes?

I am a foreign citizen and I have some Swedish banknotes that has ceased to be legal tender. Where can I exchange them or redeem them?


  • If you are a tourist and discover that you have invalid Swedish banknotes after you have left the country, you can send them to the Riksbank, who will redeem them. The Riksbank will deposit the appropriate amount of money in your bank account (even if it is a foreign bank account). However, the Riksbank charges a fee of SEK 200 for every redemption case, so there is no point in trying to redeem less than SEK 200. Information on how to redeem invalid banknotes can be found on our web page Redeeming invalid banknotes. You can also contact us by telephone: +46 8 787 09 06. Telephone hours are weekdays, 08.00–12.00.
    (However, the Riksbank can not redeem Swedish coins).

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