God morgon Jag heter Artur. Jag bor i Polen och jag skulle vilja köpa e-kronor. Jag hittade en sida där man kan köpa e-kronor. Jag vet inte om detta är en bluff. Här är sidan...
Vänligen meddela mig om det är din officiella webbplats eller en bluff. Tack Artur

Good morning My name is Artur. I live in Poland and I would like to buy e-crowns. I found a page where you can buy e-crowns. I don't know if this is a scam. Here is the page ...
Please let me know if it's your official site or a scam. Thank you Artur
Artur Urbaniak


  • Good morning Artur, unfortunately it is a scam so do not try to buy e-kronor from that page or any other page!

    It is not even decided yet if there is ever gonna be any e-krona issued.
    At the Riksbank we are analyzing the possibilities of doing so in the future, but we have not yet reached any conclusions and at this moment the e-krona does not exist.

    Please only rely on information from www.riksbank.se regarding this.

    Kind regards,

    Sveriges Riksbank
    Communications unit
    Sveriges riksbank
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