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What shape of light bulb should I choose?

The bulb shape you need depends on the light you’re buying the bulb for.

Canlde-shaped bulbs emit light like a candle, so are very well suited to decorative lights such as crystal lights.

Globe-shaped bulbs spread heat and light horizontally, so are suited to light such as wall lights or ceiling lights where the bulb is to be visible and emit a pleasant light (see Paris below).

What type of light and how much light should I have?
The light output of LED light bulbs is measured in lumen (lm). Our ffilament bulbs with 200 lumen have the same output as a traditional 20W bulb. A major advantage of filament is that it only uses 2.8W of energy.

Our Filament bulbs are available as 200 lm and 450 lm.

Nowadays you should choose bulbs based on their light output – i.e. lumen – instead of their wattage. Wattage is a measure of power (W). In this way you can ensure you get the right light from your bulb.

What bulb fitting should I choose?
The socket determines which bulb will fit your light. For a light with an E27 socket, choose a bulb with an E27 fitting. Use the picture below to identify the bulb you need for your light.

The packaging for Filament clearly shows the fitting and lumen of the bulb.

Clear or pearl bulb – what should I choose?
Clear bulbs suit lights where the bulb is to be visible – such as clear globe-shaped bulbs – and if you want the bulb to create patterns and emit a pleasant light.  
Pearl bulbs suit lights where you want a more even and subdued light, such as in lampshades.

How do I ensure that the bulbs have the same light colour as my old light bulbs?
The light colour of a bulb is measured in Kelvin (K). The symbol below shows the light colour of the light or bulb, and is displayed on our packaging.

What properties should I check on the packaging?
The symbols below are displayed on our packaging. It’s a good idea to check these before deciding which bulb you want for your light.

The symbols indicate the following:
  • whether the light and bulb are dimmable
  • the diffusion angle of the light/bulb
  • the life expectancy of the LED bulb
  • whether the bulb is or is not included with the light

How energy efficient are modern bulbs?
Bulbs are classified from A++ to E in terms of their energy efficiency. A++ is most energy efficient and E is least energy efficient.

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