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How to connect Track LED system

TRACK is our brilliant LED System for lighting in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom or living room. Versatile, stylish, energy efficient and easy to install! You pick one or two rails and join them together with inline connections or angle connections. The system works with most widely available dimmers. The choice of transformer depends on the number of spotlights you want. Our small transformer can operate 2-5 spotlights of any type if you use the lamps supplied and our large transformer can operate 3-10 spotlights of any type if you use the lamps supplied.

Below you can see examples of connection options for Track.

Place on the wall or in the ceiling. Point the light towards paintings, plants, wardrobes etc. Use 3 to 4 spots on the 1 meter long rail.

Here we are using a bigger transformer and can connect 5 to 8 spots. Point towards paintings or cabinets or use as trailer lights in the ceiling. Fits just as well in the kitchen as in the hallway, bedroom or living room.

Here we see a solution where the angle connection is used. Start with the rail for example in the hallway and go around the corner into the next room.

It's easy to connect TRACK LED System!

Browse our Track folder for more inspiration and information!

Here you can see our wide range for TRACK LED System.

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