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Can I include the income of my partner?

I have been registered at LKF since 2018 and have around 750 points.

In future if I am offered an apartment can I also include income of my partner as well?

Should my wife make her own account at LKF or is she part of my que?



  • Hello Ali!

    It is your income information solely that is asked for. What you can do is to click on "Boköanmälan" when logged in to Mina sidor/My pages and note that you are two adults in the household (antal vuxna: 2). If your income would be on the verge of being enough compared to the rent of the apartment you have applied for, we might ask for your partners income information as well. Although, when applying the applicant should be in such economic situation that one can pay the rent of the apartment one has applied for.

    Your wife is not a part of your queueing registration and is more than welcome to sign up in the queue as well.
    Joanna Kundcenter

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