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Is there any private organisation where i can register for being in queue system?

I am a Post-doctoral researcher looking for apartment for my wife and I, near Lund university (BMC, B1225b, Klinikgatan 26) from 2021 September onwards. I currently stays in LU accommodation until August 2021. I do not smoke, no party noise and do not have pets.Nationality: Indian. I will stay with my wife for 2 years.I am looking for Two room furnished apartment (with kitchen and bathroom), size min 45 m2, ~ 5 km from BMC, Klinikgatan 26, Lund. Rent from 8000-10000 SEK. Rent period: 01.09.2021-31.08.2023. Is there any private organisation where i can register for being in queue system?
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  • Hello Vaibhav,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Unfortunately we don't offer any furnished apartments and our apartments are rented out via our housing queue. You're welcome to register in the queue on www.lkf.se/minasidor.

    Since there's a high demand for housing in Lund, the waiting times with LKF are rather long. It can often take a couple of years to find and apartment through our queue.

    Since you're looking for accommondation one year from now I'd recommend you to register an apply for newly built apartments that can have shorter waiting times and also to apply with private landlords. I've attached a list I hope can be of help.
    Josefin Kundcenter
  • Thank you. I have registered there in LKF system. What next step shall I do in order to get housing by Next Year August202?
    Please guide.

    Vaibhav Chikne
  • Hello again Vaibhav,

    All available apartments are published on this page. To read more about an apartment you can click on the address. If still interested in the apartment - apply by clicking on "Anmäl intresse". Remember to log in to Mina sidor/My pages before applying. After the last date to apply has passed it takes us 1-5 weekdays to go through the applications. Note that you can apply for maximum 7 apartments at a time.

    Our apartments are offered through our queue with queueing points and due to our rental policy. In our rental policy we have a priority for those who either live, work or study in Lund. We currently have a queueing time of approximately 5-10 years, depending on area and size. To apartments in the villages in the outskirts of Lund or to newly built apartments, the queueing time can be a bit lower.

    It is not possible to say exactly when an applicant will recieve an offer. If you need an apartment already in August next year it could be of value to contact private landlords from the list my collegue have attached further up.

    Don't hesitate to get back to us if you have any questions.

    Take care!
    Joanna Kundcenter
  • Dear Joanna,
    Tak for replay.LKF is my first choice. If I want to go for outskirts or newly built houses then where shall I register? How shall I go for it?
    2. If I show interest in available houses, do you think I won't get chance to visit house before summer 2021? if that is the case, can you please suggest few names of private landlords? I am bit new to Sweden.
    Thanks in advance.
    Lund University
  • Hello Vaibhav!

    Since you need an apartment already in summer 2021 this will be hard to get through LKF as we have a high demand with a long queue, but you are of course always welcome to apply.

    You can read more about the areas in the outskirts of Lund by clicking here and more about houses we are currently building by clicking here.

    All available apartments are published on our webpage and only then is it possible to apply.

    To apartments in newly built houses under construction, the limit of 7 applications at a time does not apply as there is no limit when applying for these apartments. We do not have any newly built houses being published in the near future, but it is always good to visit our webpage frequently to check what is available.

    I have attached a document of a list of different landlords with apartments in but also around Lund. Hopefully this will help in your search for an apartment!
    Joanna Kundcenter

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