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Is it possible to have a bathtub put in?


I am going to move to an apartment at Offerkällan, Lund. The apartment is adjusted to a handicapped person who lived here before, so they took away the bathtub from the washroom. It would be hard to take a shower without a bathtub because the water would go everywhere in the room. Can I get back my bathtub or do I have to buy a new one myself?



  • Hello Lu Ren,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    As we'd need to know your address and which apartment this concerns we'd like for you to contact us over email instead. Kindly send us an email on info@lkf.se and we'll be able to have a closer look at it.

    Josefin Kundcenter
  • Hi!

    Don't you have general policy about the apartments which have been adjusted before? My apartment is at Offerkällan (Sankt Hans gränd).

  • Hi Lu Ren,

    Unfortunately I can't give you a general respons as it depends on how it's been adjusted. It might have been done by the tenent so that the bathtub has just been removed and stored elsewhere. But it can also have been adjusted by Vård och omsorgsförvaltningen or renovated by LKF. To give you a proper respons we'd therefor need to know which apartment this concerns.

    Josefin Kundcenter

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