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How can I see how many points I need?

I am Eric who just came in Lund from Croatia. I made an accont on LKF website but I don't understand how do I get the points and how many points do I need for some apartments? Where can I see that?



  • Hello Eric,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    You get one point per day when you're in our queue. An offer to view the apartment will then be sent to the 5-10 applicants with the most points. We'll then offer it to the person with the most points who accepts it.

    How many points you need varies for each apartment depending on how many points the other applicants have. The waiting time at LKF is usually around 5-8 years.

    Josefin Kundcenter
  • Hello
    Just I need to know how many points I have .
    Thank you
  • Hello Mohamad,

    Kindly contact us by email instead on info@lkf.se with your social security number (personnummer). We'll then be able to tell you how many points you currently have.
    Josefin Kundcenter
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