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Can I keep an apartment I will not permanently live in?

Hi Lkf, 
if someone has apartment from lkf and now he is thinking of moving his parmanent address to denmark and temporary address in Sweden. He wants to keep alive lkf apartment because he is not ensuring for his future. He does not want to lose his home  due to crises of apartments there. Kindly update me what will happen in that kind of scenario. 

Cordially Thanks


  • Hello Aadi,

    When you have an apartment with LKF, this should be with the intensions of living there as the permanent address. Therefor, if no longer registered nor living on the address, the contract must be cancelled.

    If, on the other hand, the move is temporary and you wish to move back, you can fill in an application for subletting your apartment during this period. Note that subletting is only legal once approved by LKF.

    Joanna Kundcenter

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