Can I get an apartment quickly?

How long one has to queue before recieving an offer depends on area and size, but can also shift from one time to another, depending on how long the other applicants has been in the queue.

In our queue, we have a priority which includes those who either live, work or study in Lund. Although, when being in this priority group, it still takes approximately 5-10 years before getting an offer.

If you wish to know how many points the applicants had who were offered the apartments you have applied for, you can send an e-mail asking for this information to, and we will take a look.

When one is recieving an offer the queue position from now on will be noted in the letter/e-mail. Since we manually go through applications, and also have a priority system as mentioned above, queueing numbers are not available unless one has recieved an offer.

If you are in need of an apartment quickly you can also Check this site out with other real estate company aorund and in Lund.
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