I did order on via facebook to know price for my car, I was not aware it will cost me 199 euro. I realized when I got certification and faktura to my mailbox.
When I received faktura I have sent several complains to company nordicpartner I haven't revived any feedback from them, but I revived letter via usual post to my apartment with faktura and certificate.
For me it is crime, additional I sent screen from my mobile when you can not see information about payment, you have to scroll down to see.
I have seen some topics in forum, but still do not have any clue, ex.:
Jag har fått en faktura från Carspy, vad kan jag göra? 

I am interested if I have to pay faktura, I am afraid abut consonances.
Can you give me advice?


  • Hi Robert,

    I can't give you an exact answer what you should do, because in my knowledge, it has not been tried in court. Therefore, we dont know what the outcome would be.

    The information that I can give you is the same as you referred to.

    If you did not received information that the service would cost you money, you can contest the invoice.

    You may also have the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date when you made the order.

    If you decide not to pay, you need to contact, and we recommend doing it by email.

    You can read more about car valuation services at our website where you also can find letter templates that you can use.

    At Konsumentverket, you can file a complaint against the company. If you have printscreens of the ad, please attach that picture as well.

    Kind regards

    Gustaf Juridisk rådgivare, Konsument Europa
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