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Support for new farmers?

Dear Sir / Madam
Please, allow me to introduce myself before I start asking for help!
My name is Claire, and I am a mother to three children who attend a Swedish speaking school here in Gothenburg. We verhuis hier drie jaar geleden van het Verenigd Koninkrijk om te helpen mijn partner of 14 jaar, en vader van onze kinderen. Since moving here, I have endeavored to carry out my dream of having a vegetable farm, and now finally it looks like I might be able to achieve this.
That was, until my partner announced at Christmas, that he was leaving me and the children. He was our only means of support and income into our house. He paid the rent, bills, grocery shopping and said he would support my business financially as I started it. All that has now stopped.
I am now finding myself looking for a new home, finance, and still trying to start my farm. Jeg jobber sammen med Goteborg City og deres Grown Göteborgs incitament, som understøtter små Urban Farmers.
Dus, mijn vraag is, kan ik elke soort financiële hulp helpen om mijn dream off the ground te verlichten? You have land, you have seeds, I have plants having started sowing back at Christmas time, but I still have a few start up costs.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, and please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have a questions. My sincerest apologies for my lack of Swedish. The children can all speak, read and write Swedish, but I am still learning.
Kindest regards,
Claire Leivers.
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  • Hello!

    here you find information (in Swedish) about the financial supports from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Maybe you can use Google translate if you don't understand. Most of the financial supports the "Länsstyrelsen" is responsible to answer your questions about and receiving the application. There could also be other financial supports that the ”Länsstyrelsen” administrate that we don’t know about here att the Swedish Board of Agriculture.
    Jimmy Kundtjänst
  • That is the exact same reply I got via email a couple of days ago. Copy pasted. It is exactly the same word for word, and it still does not help me as the web site is very confusing!
    Claire Leivers
  • Hello agin!

    You should contact your County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) in this question about Investment support.

    You reach them by phone 010-224 40 00
    Jimmy Kundtjänst

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