Pets from Ukraine

We receive many questions about people fleeing from Ukraine to Sweden with their pets and these are issues that the Swedish Board of Agriculture are currently working on intensively.

Ukraine is a high-risk country for rabies and we will therefore need to both ensure the humanitarian need to allow people fleeing war to come to Sweden and take into account the relevant infection control measures needed for pets accompanying their owners.

Examples of infection control measures can be (home) isolation and/or blood sampling. In this work, we also review the application of current regulations for the import of animals in Sweden in order to make it easier for the people who are fleeing, without this jeopardizing continued good infection control in the country.

Update 2022-03-09

Force majeure exceptions apply to pets who enter Sweden from Ukraine together with their owners. Necessary infection control measures will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The assessment will take into account the threat the animals may pose to Swedish infection control and how that risk can be managed so that public and animal health in Sweden is not endangered. Ukraine is a high-risk country for rabies and has several cases in both dogs and cats every year.

To make these assessments, we will go through the available information about the animals. This information can be in the form of documentation or information from the owner. Under these exceptional circumstances where people are fleeing for their lives, we understand that the documentation available will vary. That is why we will make assessments on a case-by-case basis.

When pet owners arrive at the border, they must report the animal to the on-site staff and provide what documentation they have about the animal. If the animal does not meet the import requirements different measures may be taken. This may involve ID-marking the animal, taking blood samples and placing the animal in temporary isolation under supervision until it can be returned to its owner.

Here you will find our comprehensive information about the issues the Swedish Board of Agriculture handles.
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