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From Copenhagen to Bornholm via Ystad/transit with 8 weeks puppy

Hi, we have a summerhouse at Bornholm which we have had for 16 years now, and have travelled from Copenhagen to Ystad (transit) a million times😀 This year (The 18th of july) we will go on summervacation to Bornholm with our new Golden Retriever puppy. Our puppy is only 8 weeks on the 18th of july, but is od course chipped, has a dog passport and has had the standard vaccines at that time. We also bring a letter from the Danish Golden Hillside dog-farm where our puppy was raised and born. Since the puppy is not old enough to have the rabies vaccine, which they can get when they are 12 weeks old, we would like to know if we can get a written confirmation from you before we travel? Maybe it is not a problem at all - we just want to be sure😉 We have tried to book through Kþge to Bornholm but everything is sold out. Looking very much forward to hearing from you, and we are writing in english as my swedish is not that good.
Dorthe Jensen Rapportera olÀmpligt innehÄll


  • Hello Dorthe!

    As the dog must have a valid rabies vaccination to travel into Sweden, even if you are only transit for a short time, the puppy will not be able to travel into Sweden before it has received its rabies vaccination and waited at least 21 days.

    These are the requirements for bringing a dog to Sweden from Denmark.
    • The animal must be ID-marked.
    • The animal must have a valid vaccination against rabies.
    • The animal must have an EU-passport for pets (animal travelling from an EU-related country which do not issue passports should travel with form E9.207 instead).
    • The animal must be reported to customs when passing the border.
    These requirements apply when up to five dogs, cats or ferrets are travelling to Sweden with their owner or within five days of the owner’s travel. They also apply for animals moving to Sweden with their owner. You can read more about the requirements from an EU-country here.

    Please use our travel guide for dogs and cats.

    If the animal travels without the owner
    There are other requirements that apply for animals with the purpose of being sold or brought to a new owner. These requirements also apply if the owner travel with more than five dogs or if the animal must travel more than five days before or after your travel. These animals must comply with the requirements for trade animals. You can read more about the requirements for trade animals here.
    Sara KundtjÀnst
  • Hi again, Thanks for your reply, but did you see my note about that our puppy is only 8 week+ and therefore not old enough to get the rabies vaccine? BR. Dorthe
    Dorthe Jensen
  • Hi,

    Yes and since the dog is too young to get a rabies vaccination, it can not be brought into Sweden correctly. So the dog can't enter until the rabies vaccination has been done and the 21 days for it to be valid have passed.

    Sara KundtjÀnst
  • Hi again, ok I understand. Thanks in advance. Best regards Dorthe
    Dorthe Jensen

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