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Your website is broken

First of all only allowing us to play one game every 24 hours without paying is ridiculous, Google did all the hard work not Geoguessr. Secondly, if that is the case it should reset at the same time every day instead of 24 hours later, because there is obviously going to be some days where you want to play in the morning and others in the evening, and you can't do that. Thirdly, literally every game I play at least one location turns into a blank black screen or the map doesn't load to make a guess even when the actual Google Maps is working fine. And lastly, today I tried to play a game, pressed the play button, waited, nothing happened. Refreshed the page, and it claims I've already played today and must wait 24 hours. This game was good when it was free, but now it's just a broken moneygrab. And you have the cheek to ask me to pay for this terrible experience before, during and after my one game a day.


  • Sorry about your bad experience..

    I'll bring up the 24 hrs vs 1/day suggestion with the team, that's a good idea.
    We just got another post from a user suggestion that the black screens could have be related to bandwidth issues

    If you've started a game you can resume it if you go to and start it from there.

    If you want to play more than 1 game you can always play the daily challenge (or any other challenge) they don't count towards your limit. There's usually some challenge links over at

  • "Google did all the hard work not Geoguessr. "

    That's right. Google did Street View and Maps. And that's why GeoGuessr have to pay Google every time you load the game screen. Especially after they increased their prices by 14 at once.

    You're just like the others, not making a minimal effort to look up why it's not free anymore. And you dare saying things like this. Pathetic.

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