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Your GeoGuessr payment was unsucessful again!

Dear GeoGuessr-Team, I have been trying to pay the bill you sent me twice now, and even though I have the required funds on my card I'm still getting e-mails that the payment was unsucessful. Are there any other ways I'm able to pay these 2,99 USD in case this problem keeps happening? I do not know why this isn't working, it's a master-card and I have been paying all sorts of things with it before, this is the first time that a payment isn't able to be processed.

Thanks so much for your answer.
Gottfried Hansen


  • Quick update:
    I deleted my account now. I don't know what that means for the payment, I do not have an issue with paying for the service, I have the money and I would gladly send it to you. I called my bank since someone else seemed to have the same problem here but they told me that there is nothing wrong on their end. If there is any other way, like sending me a bill via email or Paypal, I'd absolutely do it.
    Gottfried Hansen
  • Hi Gottfried,

    Hmm that's weird.. I had a look and the error code I found was insufficient_funds, but don't worry about it, I've canceled it and set it to stop retrying. Thank you for the offer but the charge is on us.

    Have a great weekend,


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