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You can no longer start a daily challenge and then complete it later from the ongoing games section

My GF and I love playing Daily Challenge each night (US PT), but sometimes we don't have time to play and I used to be able to start the first round, exit out of the game and then finish it from the ongoing games tab days later.

But it is no longer possible to do so, so we have lost our daily streak a few times now, when we used to be able to save it by saving the game into the ongoing games section and then completing it the next days.

Repro steps:
- start daily challenge (tested with just launching into the first round and also tested with completing several rounds)
- exit tab to leave daily challenge
- open geoguessr landing page
- navigate to ongoing games
- observe daily challenge is not continuable from the ongoing games (doesn't appear at all)

I was just wondering if this was intended from your end, to save on stored date or something, or if it is a new bug?

Love the game! We are a LDR and it's become our nightly ritual to play it together every night! We learnt so much about the world, thank you for making and maintaining this wonderful game <3
David H


  • Hi,

    Yes this is intended since it was used for cheating from players. So therefore we removed the possibility to play x amount of rounds, remove it from ongoing games and then restart it.
  • oooh I see the exploit possibility...hmm would it be too complex to code for daily games not to be delete-able in the ongoing games section? or at least not delete-able for the 24 hours before the next daily challenge?
    I feel like that would fix the exploit and allow for us to save a daily challenge for another day to avoid losing streaks.

    I know these things aren't easy to implement! Just suggesting, but I understand if it's not a high enough priority to look into/develop new tech for <3
    David H
  • Dont think that will fix the exploit since we have seen that thats what players has done. But we shall see what we can do! 🙂

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