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Yearly payment

Hi.  I really like playing and would be happy to pay for PRO if it was a single yearly payment.  Will this ever be an option?


  • Hi Karen,

    That is possible today if you use paypal. If you want to use a credit card you can sign up for a yearly subscription and cancel it after the trial period has ended.

  • Mikael,

    The thing is people do not want to have to remember to cancel a subscription. They are too easy to forget about and tend to accumulate. And then there's the hassle if for whatever reason the user has trouble cancelling it. A subscription also implies that the credit card information is being saved somewhere, which is unnecessary for a single time purchase. IMO, you are probably losing a lot of sales without this option. Adding a one time purchase is such a simple thing with such a good potential upside, that there's really no reason not to do it.

  • Hi Joe,

    I hear you, what I meant is that after you have paid you can cancel your subscription the same day and it will cancel on the last day so you don't have to remember it.


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