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Why did your website become such a unpleasant hub? I used to enjoy playing this game but since you seem to focus more on the profit than the user's enjoyment, I wanted to ask, who was the (sorry for my language) idiot who decided to make one free game a day and that you have to pay for more games?

Why can't you just let people enjoy a nice browser game without trying to gain more and more money. Other nice options for you to get more profit would be way more pleasing but forcing user to buy premium in order to properly play is, in my opinion, a true scam.

Gerri Landgrab
Gerri Landgrab


  • And here we go again. Someone else who decided to post without doing research on the situation first. So sad.   🙁
  • No, Google seems to be enjoying profit more. They made the API prices higher, and GeoGuessr had to get more money to pay for the API use.
    But, GeoGuessr staff could have opened a Patreon account, IMO. Just let the people that want to help pay, and not touch the other players. I am sure everybody would understand.
  • No, Patreon Tipee Utip etc. won't work because the costs are proportional to the amount of played games. How can you make a sustainable economic system if you only rely on a certain amount of income that will vary each month depending of people donating / subscribing, without knowing how much you will need for the same month? Allowing x free games per month will just end with everyone rushing them day one, creating website overload, frustration from people missing the free games and anger from people donating without being able to profit them.

    The current subscription system is working because each player pays for its own costs. Another idea would be "pay X to buy Y games" for people not playing a lot and where a subscription would be overkill.

    Usually whoever suggests Patreon and such just wants other people to pay so they can enjoy the game for free.

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