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What has happened to functionality? I have paid to play this game. Is this another "improvement"?


  • Yes, complain without telling what is the problem, this is how you help developers.
  • Well, I can't speak for stephen, but yes it is currently unplayable, because I can no longer zoom in on the inset map to make a selection. I can select in general, but can't even see state or city names to be more specific in a selection. Please tell me this is a temporary state of affairs!
  • I and many others can play fine, but I've heard someone talking about this glitch. We'll have to figure out the cause... Which browser are you using?
  • Google Chrome.
  • I can't zoom in or out either. I'm also using Chrome.
  • Can't join challenges. Pro-player. Can't decline challenges either btw.
  • Sorry for being rude. I'm normally a nice person, but the internet brings out the worst in us.
    The re-size buttons are missing from the map of the world. You need a mouse with a scrolling wheel.
    If you want to quit and start again, you could do it by clicking on the address bar. Now you have to re-enter the address.
    Is the focussing slower?
    What were you trying to achieve with the recent changes?
  • They did a rewrite of the 7-years old website, obviously this will lead to missing things like the +/- buttons on the map. We need to give them information about what is missing or not working so they can fix it.

    Not sure what do you mean about the address bar or the focus.
  • Yay, the +/- buttons are back! Good job!
  • Hi,

    As you've noticed there are some things that we've missed and or that are not working properly. We've added your input to our backlog and are on it. Fixes should come out soon.

    thanks for the feedback

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