Wrong street views shown

After making my guess for a location in Michigan USA I was started for my next location looking at the same streetview images where I had just left off.  When I guessed the same location in Michigan I found I was supposed to be viewing images of a location in Finland.  The other person who was challenging me had the same issue - she ended up looking at a different view, but started the next location with the same images.
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  • This happens when the game tried to load a location where data was removed. If you refresh the game, you'll have the confirmation by getting a black screen and a message "picture may be subject to copyright" in the corner of the screen. The game can't detect when a location is removed because the devs didn't include a safe check when creating a challenge: the game only loads 5 random locations from a large database of pre-selected places, and locations could have been remove in the meanwhile (especially photospheres).
  • That could be the explanation - if it helps to check the locations selected I can pass along the link to the challenge.  I didn't know if it was a good idea to paste the link into a public forum.
  • Hi Jeff,

    you can email me the link, thanks for letting us know.


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