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I play often. Not a day goes by when two to three rounds end in my being directly in front of a destination and google tells me I'm several hundred yards or a couple miles away!! Yesterday I was IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSECTION, clearly marked with street signs, and was told I was 200 yards away. This happens routinely. Oh, and US game? Anything in western states is blurry, even big, well placed signs. And rural areas? click, click, click, click......not fun, especially Russia, Australia, S. Africa, Western US. More urban locales would be wonderful. Thanks for listening.



  • Hi Irwin

    Thanks for the feedback! We have noticed that the coordinates for the locations sometimes are a bit off, we're looking into it but unfortunately there isn't much we can do since the data is coming from Google (and the same unfortunately goes for the blurry images). We've recently released a rating scale for the locations so you are able to grade the locations you're getting.
    Also, since this sometimes is a bit ambiguous - you are always guessing on the start location, not the location that you have travelled to during the round.

    Kind regards,

  • Yes, same here, I played today a round and the final location was 17 Km away from the started point.

    Here both points in the map:

  • I found my problem, it's not related with GeoGuessr but with Street View in Google Maps. When you click the red marker point in Street View to get out from there and come back to the map, the locator doesn't recover the position properly. It seems that the red locator snaps to the closest named point in the map and it's unable to stay in a no-named point.
  • Found the exact building in Chihuahua with the exact streets but was told I was 53 miles away where roads do not exist. Kind of silly and waste of time if the game can't be more accurate.

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