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Wrong location distribution on World map + weird stuff in map editor

Hi, since a few days the World map has a weird behavior: it gives way too much locations in those areas: Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Singapore.

With the map editor, using the polygonal tool, we can see that Paris has more than one million locations (assuming the polygon uses the World location database, which it seems to be the case after playing a bit with it). In comparison, greater New York doesn't even have 10.000 places. Amsterdam, Singapore and (at a lower scale) Barcelona also have incredible amounts of places. More towns seem to be in this case (Melbourne, Brisbane, Chicago etc). But Paris is the town with the most absurd amount of locations.

Also the location spreading is weird, Brazil has very low amount now when USA and the countries of the European Union have way more places, as you can see on this map showing a sample of 42.000 locations from recent games :

(Also Japan, South Africa and Thailand are way over-represented compared to other similar countries).

I think you tried to change the map so it would give more locations close to large towns. But something is wrong there (especially with Paris) and with many countries. I notice South Korea is almost Seoul and Busan (like before the latest world map update) and the "new countries" (Senegal, Ghana, Guatemala, Albania, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Faroes...) are now with very low probability to be selected.

Also Jordan is now on streetview, same for Cocos and Christmas islands which can't be selected with the polygon tool (no location available here despite of a good coverage on Streetview). You should add them on the map.

Another thing, on the map editor using polygons: there is a place south to Fiji where the editor tells there is like 650.000 locations in the middle of the sea. There is nothing there, not even a single photosphere:

And when someone tried playing a such map, it gave random locations on the same latitude:

Funny glitch, I have no idea why this happens.

Thank you.

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  • More information about the world coverage that is a bit weird on some places:
    if the link doesn't work, sometimes Reddit screws things.
  • On our daily lunch break challenge at work we noticed the same on the World Map. The last time we had a location in France that was not in Paris was on March 3rd. Since then, we had 13 challenges. Out of those, 7 had at least one location in France, and that location was always in or near Paris.

    We even had two challenges with 3 locations being in Paris.

  • Hi. Regarding the "Fiji-situation", this is a confirmed bug in our polygon tessellation routines. E.g. when you create a polygon we partition them into convex shapes (triangles) and arrange them in buckets for shorter query times. Sorry about the tech humbu-jumbo, we're working on this. Thanks for helping us narrow down this edge case.



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