Wrong country answer

It showed me Singapore, which I guessed, and it said the answer was the US. On the results page it shows some spot in New Jersey, which does not have palm trees. https://www.geoguessr.com/results/ueGpaCv3drK19AUN

I remembered the name of the residential complex it showed me, which I looked up, and it is indeed in Singapore.
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  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks for reporting this. I will take a closer look at it to see what might have happened.

  • I had a similar situation in my last Country Streak game. It's *EXTREMELY* annoying to have a 226 country streak ruined by an incorrect country answer. Where the game failed me was a town in Peru called Jocobo Hunter. It is definitely not in the USA. I really wish I could get that game back. It takes a while to work up a 226 country streak. It makes me not want to play.
    Anthony Heath
  • Really sorry about this Anthony. We are still looking into the issue.

  • I just had this happen for the first time: GG says Japan, when it's actually Indonesia.
    Very disappointing.


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