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would there be a way to exclude certain countries from the entire world list?

I love geoguessr! what an incredible concept. With the Beta version, the ability to select certain countries is a nice feature, but a little too easy. I often play challenge games with a friend and we both joke about how great it would be if we could have no outback & no cyrillic. I realize no outback is a bit too demanding, but if I had the entire world and could simply dump Australia, I would. One can go on seemingly forever in the outback with nothing to refer to; on top of that the resolution of those street view images is go 10 miles down a road and be utterly unable to read the one road sign often leads me to quit the game. In a similar vein, to be able to exclude cyrillic areas cuts down on ambiguity where things get lost in translation.

if you offered a version where a list of all the possible countries had check boxes to allow me to exclude some would make me very happy.

Thank you again for your efforts, Bravo!


  • Hi Jon

    Thank you trying the beta and great to hear that you enjoy it!
    This is a really interesting idea, we've been discussing how we can improve the way the locations are generated and this sounds like it may add something. We'll definitely keep it in mind for future updates.

    Thank you again for giving us your feedback!
    Kind regards


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