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Would like km or miles scale on the map

I'd like to propose that the map in Geoguessr should show a miles or km scale in the bottom corner. This would be useful when you find, say, a sign that says it's 480km to Fortaleza, well it'd be useful to gauge that distance on the map.

This would be especially useful in cases where there's a very straight, featureless road, and a sign that says it's, say, 45 km to the next town, and you've found the town; a km scale would be the only way to really know where along the road you are.



  • Hi DanB

    Thanks for the feedback! This is a very interesting idea and something we looked at quite a while ago but I'm not sure what happened in the end - we'll look into it.

    Kind regards,

  • Bump
  • Many people are against it so if it is added it would need a setting to enable / disable it, like for allowing movement or not.

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