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Will new countries be added to Explorer mode?

there are a few new countries with acceptable coverage now, like panama, UAE or zimbabwe, at least better than existing madagascar. there are also a few countries with similar coverage to madagascar, like myanmar, oman, saudi arabia, costa rica and bosnia.


  • No because it's not official Google coverage and this unofficial coverage is garbage: low quality for most of them, extremely slow navigation and loading time is extended. Basically unplayable.

    And because some people think working for free for Google is a good idea, it is very unlikely to have Google adding new country on Street View (and thus in GeoGuessr). Why Google would spend time and money doing what people are willing to do for free? They even have to pay Google to send their data to Google Maps so they only give reasons to Google to not cover new countries anymore.

    Only the Emirates are missing in the officially covered countries. Costa Rica and Egypt have landmarks too so they may be added as well. But that's it. I guess Belarus could be added too if you want to play in 3 streets of Minsk.
  • understand, thanks for your answer.
    was just confused about madagascar. greenland i can understand, because it cant possibly be much better. but adding madagascar (and india, for that matter) shouldnt really have been added in the first place. i agree, better not add any more countries without extensive and good coverage.
  • follow back: thanks for adding UAE :)))
    future candidates (all better than madagascar) probably are hong kong, macao (both with perfect coverage!), aland islands (unless they are included in finland), french polynesia, barbados, french carribean (martinique+guadeloupe), cyprus (whole island pls). there are some more, but better no new madagascar.
  • Sadly French Polynesia, Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Cyprus are not made by Google so they are unplayable for the reasons I listed in my previous message above. They will not be added to explorer mode since only official Google coverage is used.
  • thats not true, many countries/territories are using non-official coverage, namely bhutan, vietnam, puerto rico, just to name a few. i got your point from last time, but it doesnt apply to every country. just as bhutan and vietnam are perfectly playable - it is perfectly possible to get gold medals there without blindly memorising - i reckon that applies to most of my examples, too. some really are no brainers, like hk and macao (if scared just add "SAR" and therell be no problem whatsoever with the PRC government).
    in any case, as i said before, any of them are better than india and madagascar, totally unplayable in explorer mode, just to get silver one needs to memorise a few locations.
  • Those countries have official coverage and the game is supposed to use it. But due to how the Google Maps API works it is basically impossible to avoid unwanted unofficial pictures when they overlap official coverage. This is why you'll sometimes get unofficial coverage but this is not intended at all.

    Hong Kong and Macao would be great additions. China is not a problem at all, nobody cares about a country that blocks Google anyways. And Taiwan is already in the explorer mode.
  • Speaking about Vietnam they just removed it from explorer mode

    Does someone knows why?
  • Google removed all Street View there so GeoGuessr had to do the same.

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