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Why or how has GeoGuessr ended up on my computer?

I have had the GeoGuessr "pin drop" sort of icon square turn up on my Chrome browser - I don't have an account and don't want one.  How can I remove it please?


  • How would we be able to know that? There is no account on this email so not sure how we can help further.
  • I have attached a photo my Chrome screen.  When I open Google Chrome, it isn't there, but when I open a screen of any sort it appears. There is no option to remove it, and I can't see it in my programs list. Correct I do not have an account (nor do I want one) & no-one else uses my computer.  Can you assist?

  • How would we be able to know how GeoGuessr ended up there or help remove it from our end?

    We are not able to remove something remote on a persons computer. I would suggest perhaps reaching out to Googles support.
  • Ok thanks.
  • You simply got some adware installed on your computer, probably you downloaded something wrong like a cracked software. Search how to remove adwares on trusted websites, it can be a pain to remove them.

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