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why is my opponents score not visible when finishing a game?

I've played a few games with the same person and either they're not able to see my score at the end of the game and where I picked or I cant see their score or where they picked, we've both looked it up online to try and find a solution but have no idea what to do in order to fix it, Has this happened to someone else if so how did you solve it?


  • Do you play using a challenge link? If yes do you use the same link? If you just play single player games then you won't see the results.
  • I play with the same person each time and they send a challenge link
  • Hi,

    I guess you are looking at the result page where guesses from all players are visible (or at least should be)? In the game views only the last player to finish will be able to see the result of the other player (since not both have finished when the first player finishes).

    Could you post a link to the result page? It should end with /results/some-id.


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