why has geoguessr logged me out

my geouessr logged me out, and won't let me log in again. I just bought the pro version, so i would like if the game would work.
Kao Karlsson


  • Hi Kao,

    No idea why it has logged you out. Can you log back in or?

  • I tried again now, but I can't. It says Failed to sign in, Please try again, as it did yesterday too. Do you have any tips on how i get my account working again?
    Kao Karlsson
  • Strange.

    I would recommend first of all to reset your password and then try again with the new one. This can be done here - https://www.geoguessr.com/profile/reset-password

    If it is not working, try another browser or device and see if it works.

    If it does not, send me an email to subscription@geoguessr.com and I can help you further.


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