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Why does the prices change depending on where you live?

Why does the prices change depending on where you live?
Emrik Engström


  • The prices are in USD (US Dollar), visible on

    GeoGuessr uses the Google Maps API to get the Street View data and this API had costs defined in USD. This is why the Pro pricing is in USD as it is essentially used to pay those Google API fees.

    If you're using a bank account that doesn't have USD then the bank will proceed to a currency conversion. Usually this comes with additional fees that are taken by the bank and not GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr only receive the equivalent of the USD price, nothing more.

    Each currency has an exchange rate with every other currency, which evolves constantly. Depending of the currency you use you'll have different pricing applied to your payment, along with the conversion fee. GeoGuessr does not control the conversion fees neither the exchange rate so they can't adjust prices depending of the player's currency.

  • No thats not what i meant, in Sweden it says the price in SEK and in Finland it says the price in euro but the prices differ to much to just be currency concertion
    Emrik Engström
  • That's weird, I have prices in USD and I am in the euro zone. I never saw any other currency used. I don't know how they display the prices then.
  • The prices differ like 10€ for the annual pass

    Emrik Engström
  • Hey can someone please tell me how I change it from US dollars to euro? Cuz I live in France and need to pay in euro
    Thanks a lot
  • Hey Pandy,

    Send me an email to and I can help you change it.


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