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Why do medals and stats only show on my profile while signed in?

When going to my user profile link while logged out, medals and statistics do not show up. Why is this information restricted to signed in users? I want to be able to show my stats to people that do not yet play the game, or view them while away from home or on another device.


  • Hi,

    Yes profile info is not visible when logged out, that is not something we will change up. Why do you not then log in and show them or send a screenshot?
  • May I ask the reason why the stats are hidden? A user's rating/division is visible when logged out, and it's not clear to me why the other statistics are more sensitive than rating such that they require viewers to be signed in. I'm quite sure I used to see at least some of the stat numbers on my public profile before the redesign, like the stats in this old screenshot (I know it's signed in, but I can't find an example of an old signed out screenshot)

    The main reason for using the URL is for linking to my geoguessr profile in a signature, text message, or a discord server for example. It takes less data and visual space to share a hyperlink than a screenshot. Linking to a person's profile is also a better experience for users because then they are more likely to click around and maybe create an account if they are new.


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