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Why didn't i receive my gold medal on Jordan?

I got 24k+ on Jordan but i didnt get any medal let alone gold. My account name is Manaversel. Also are you thinking about adding regional pricing.



  • What is going on i also had a gold in Thailand now thats also got deleted now it says your best score is zero
  • Hi Ersel,

    Sounds strange. If you did not go via Explorer Mode -> Country then it might not count (if its for instance played as a Challenge).

    But send me an email to with what you are missing and provide the Game-ID of the maps (can be found under Activities) and I will look further into it!

  • Thanks for the reply even though its late 😃 but i changed my mind and i will go for 25k on every country so i dont want to keep you occupied with this. But if you still want the Game-ID to fix the bug i can send it because i played it via Explorer Mode and choose the country and like i said Thailand was gold (for weeks) then it decided not to be.
  • Hi,

    Yes sorry about that. Please do, It would be good for us to have none the less to look further into 😀


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