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Why did you ruin the game?

Your paywall and update to mapilliary had ruined the game. You should act soon or risk losing a lot of peple to eighty clicks


  • Thanks for the suggestion of EightyClicks! I had never heard of it, but will move straight there now. GeoGuessr without GoogleMaps is entirely unplayable.

    And to the people at GeoGuessr, I suspect dropping GoogleMaps wasn't a choice made lightly, but without it you don't actually have a game anymore.
  • Agreed, it's unplayable now. Mapilliary is unusable.

    I did not know about Eighty Clicks. Gave it a shot and looks alright - and still uses Google Maps - but also seems to malfunction a lot.
  • They didn't ruin the game. Google did because of their high prices. It costs now too much to use Google data, that's why Geoguessr was forced to do something to avoid bankrupt.

    Eighty clicks is also paid only now for the same reason. Too expensive.
  • Hi

    For more information regarding the latest changes please see: Regarding the latest changes to non-pro functionality

  • This site charges 25something Euros/Dollar per year. About 2 Euros/Dollar a month. That is way less, than two beers, one coffee etc per month. And it provides way more fun. If you play it regularly (like once a month) it should not be too expensive to give the Pro a try.
  • Just letting you know that I had a lot of disappointed fifth graders today.  We learn about the United States and they had so much fun using GeoGuessr., the United States map.....when it was free....It naturally differentiated their instruction and was an awesome way to learn about our country.  I was really hoping that there could be free versions for educators to use with their students.  I have 135 kids daily and your prices make the game out of reach for us all.
  • Unbelievable that they would start charging for a free service that people have been using as such for several years now.
    Nate C
  • Nate C you seems to not be smart enough to make little research so you'll have to know that it's not free to use Google Maps to make a service like Geoguessr. In fact, the prices rose 14 times last year and tons of websites had to either shut down or switch to another mapping service. Geoguessr had to do the same after trying to stay alive almost one year. It was either that or simply shutting down.
  • I'm free user and cant load free maps after update.
    Getting grey/black screen only.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't even care about the pro if you let us use like, the top 5 most played maps once this went into effect, or one for each continent, etc.

    That doesn't even take into account the GSOD that plagues every single game for me.
  • @pradhyu: Could you please try with another browser and see if that changes anything?

    @Tracy: I'm sorry to hear that. We're currently discussing making some changes for teachers/educators. Please stay tuned for updates!
  • god help us
  • This might not pass the moderators, but as someone mentioned eighty-clicks, now also behind a paywall, its worth a look at - it uses the retro geoguessr and allows the drawing of a polygon around individual countries or States, if that's what floats your boat, and is currently - hush- free.
  • My students also loved GeoG.  We used it in our World History class and it was such a great supplement for our units. Districts have money to purchase a classroom version to be shared by the teacher. I hope this is something your team can put together for this academic year.
    Mr Cee
  • Technically, they had to do what they did, Google made their API cost higher than usual and companies like Geoguessr have to develop a paywall in order to receive money. I just think they should get rid of the 144p quality they give to people that do not pay for the Pro feature, they should implement GeoCoins, hints which cost GeoCoins, let users create make maps without the Pro feature and improve the communications like creating a Discord server, announcing on social media everytime a change on the website will be put in place and that is all of my ideas for improving this great game.
    Karl Baumann, Munich, Germany
  • It is a shame the changes made to the game made it completely unplayable for me. I understand why free maps using Google API isn't an option any more but the alternative simply doesn't work. At least not when using uBlock Origin on Firefox with medium security settings. As I do not use web sites that cannot be used with these settings GeoGuessr is unusable. A shame.
  • I have some disappointed students. This was a favorite educational game for my middle schoolers - and that is hard to accomplish. This new free version simply does not interest them. I especially liked the "Famous Places" map. Sorry, my classroom funds have to go to other things. Hopefully you'll be able to work something out for educators soon, but I'm removing the link from our class page for now.
    Mrs. H
  • Honestly, I can't beleive the backlash about GeoGuessr becoming paid. Look: It's 2 dollars a month. THAT IS HALF THE COST OF A COFFEE. It's 1/2000th of most people's yearly salaries (and that's for a full year)! Just get the pro version if you care about the game's survival.The people at GeoGuessr have got to feed themselves.
    The only backlash I can understand is how teachers now can't use it in class. To which I offer a suggestion: My school has 7 periods: a teacher prep period, homeroom, and 5 class periods. There are 5 days a week. GeoGuessr Free lets you play one Pro game every 24 hours. Just use this schedule:

    Monday: Period 1 gets to play GeoGuessr
    Tuesday: Period 4 gets to play GeoGuessr (Let's say period 2 is your prep period and period 3 is homeroom)
    Wednesday: Period 5 plays GeoGuessr
    Thursday: Period 6 plays GeoGuessr
    Friday: Period 7 plays GeoGuessr

    Using this, you can make everyone happy and also not have to pay any money. Also, if you want to make coustom maps, just have an account yourself and share them.
    Sam Kothe
  • It is in my opinion that students and educators should have free access to the premium maps (with proper identification of cause), at my school we use to use geoguessr quite often during HSIE lessons but since then wee have been limited to just one round per day
  • You just need one pro account to create challenges, then students can use a free account to play them. It's already a big present offered from devs considering every time the game is loaded, they have to pay Google for loading the data.
  • @Sam Kothe, bruh its not just that. i would pay if it was google maps

    Joe Mama
  • If you pay then you'll have all maps that use Google Maps and Streetview.
  • GeoGuessr is now simply a useless website. Those photographs from in dash cameras are a shame. I used to have students asking me to play at the end of the classes and we even had competitions in the school. Sometimes used this website as a reward for students who finished first.
    Gustavo Echeverry

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