Why did you ruin the game?

Your paywall and update to mapilliary had ruined the game. You should act soon or risk losing a lot of peple to eighty clicks
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  • Thanks for the suggestion of EightyClicks! I had never heard of it, but will move straight there now. GeoGuessr without GoogleMaps is entirely unplayable.

    And to the people at GeoGuessr, I suspect dropping GoogleMaps wasn't a choice made lightly, but without it you don't actually have a game anymore.
  • Agreed, it's unplayable now. Mapilliary is unusable.

    I did not know about Eighty Clicks. Gave it a shot and looks alright - and still uses Google Maps - but also seems to malfunction a lot.
  • They didn't ruin the game. Google did because of their high prices. It costs now too much to use Google data, that's why Geoguessr was forced to do something to avoid bankrupt.

    Eighty clicks is also paid only now for the same reason. Too expensive.
  • This site charges 25something Euros/Dollar per year. About 2 Euros/Dollar a month. That is way less, than two beers, one coffee etc per month. And it provides way more fun. If you play it regularly (like once a month) it should not be too expensive to give the Pro a try.
  • Just letting you know that I had a lot of disappointed fifth graders today.  We learn about the United States and they had so much fun using GeoGuessr., the United States map.....when it was free....It naturally differentiated their instruction and was an awesome way to learn about our country.  I was really hoping that there could be free versions for educators to use with their students.  I have 135 kids daily and your prices make the game out of reach for us all.
  • Unbelievable that they would start charging for a free service that people have been using as such for several years now.
    Nate C
  • Nate C you seems to not be smart enough to make little research so you'll have to know that it's not free to use Google Maps to make a service like Geoguessr. In fact, the prices rose 14 times last year and tons of websites had to either shut down or switch to another mapping service. Geoguessr had to do the same after trying to stay alive almost one year. It was either that or simply shutting down.
  • I'm free user and cant load free maps after update.
    Getting grey/black screen only.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't even care about the pro if you let us use like, the top 5 most played maps once this went into effect, or one for each continent, etc.

    That doesn't even take into account the GSOD that plagues every single game for me.
  • @pradhyu: Could you please try with another browser and see if that changes anything?

    @Tracy: I'm sorry to hear that. We're currently discussing making some changes for teachers/educators. Please stay tuned for updates!
  • god help us
  • This might not pass the moderators, but as someone mentioned eighty-clicks, now also behind a paywall, its worth a look at geogenerator.fr - it uses the retro geoguessr and allows the drawing of a polygon around individual countries or States, if that's what floats your boat, and is currently - hush- free.
  • My students also loved GeoG.  We used it in our World History class and it was such a great supplement for our units. Districts have money to purchase a classroom version to be shared by the teacher. I hope this is something your team can put together for this academic year.
    Mr Cee
  • Technically, they had to do what they did, Google made their API cost higher than usual and companies like Geoguessr have to develop a paywall in order to receive money. I just think they should get rid of the 144p quality they give to people that do not pay for the Pro feature, they should implement GeoCoins, hints which cost GeoCoins, let users create make maps without the Pro feature and improve the communications like creating a Discord server, announcing on social media everytime a change on the website will be put in place and that is all of my ideas for improving this great game.
    Karl Baumann, Munich, Germany
  • It is a shame the changes made to the game made it completely unplayable for me. I understand why free maps using Google API isn't an option any more but the alternative simply doesn't work. At least not when using uBlock Origin on Firefox with medium security settings. As I do not use web sites that cannot be used with these settings GeoGuessr is unusable. A shame.
  • I have some disappointed students. This was a favorite educational game for my middle schoolers - and that is hard to accomplish. This new free version simply does not interest them. I especially liked the "Famous Places" map. Sorry, my classroom funds have to go to other things. Hopefully you'll be able to work something out for educators soon, but I'm removing the link from our class page for now.
    Mrs. H
  • Honestly, I can't beleive the backlash about GeoGuessr becoming paid. Look: It's 2 dollars a month. THAT IS HALF THE COST OF A COFFEE. It's 1/2000th of most people's yearly salaries (and that's for a full year)! Just get the pro version if you care about the game's survival.The people at GeoGuessr have got to feed themselves.
    The only backlash I can understand is how teachers now can't use it in class. To which I offer a suggestion: My school has 7 periods: a teacher prep period, homeroom, and 5 class periods. There are 5 days a week. GeoGuessr Free lets you play one Pro game every 24 hours. Just use this schedule:

    Monday: Period 1 gets to play GeoGuessr
    Tuesday: Period 4 gets to play GeoGuessr (Let's say period 2 is your prep period and period 3 is homeroom)
    Wednesday: Period 5 plays GeoGuessr
    Thursday: Period 6 plays GeoGuessr
    Friday: Period 7 plays GeoGuessr

    Using this, you can make everyone happy and also not have to pay any money. Also, if you want to make coustom maps, just have an account yourself and share them.
    Sam Kothe
  • It is in my opinion that students and educators should have free access to the premium maps (with proper identification of cause), at my school we use to use geoguessr quite often during HSIE lessons but since then wee have been limited to just one round per day
  • You just need one pro account to create challenges, then students can use a free account to play them. It's already a big present offered from devs considering every time the game is loaded, they have to pay Google for loading the data.
  • @Sam Kothe, bruh its not just that. i would pay if it was google maps

    Joe Mama
  • If you pay then you'll have all maps that use Google Maps and Streetview.
  • GeoGuessr is now simply a useless website. Those photographs from in dash cameras are a shame. I used to have students asking me to play at the end of the classes and we even had competitions in the school. Sometimes used this website as a reward for students who finished first.
    Gustavo Echeverry
  • What were they thinking!?, how is this a good decision?, the game is completely unplayable without paying for pro mode, really sad what this game has become. i know they need to make money to fund the website, but this isn't the right way. howabout  maybe opening  a support or donation page instead? and get rid of the god awful 144p dashcam garbage. not everyone has a credit card.

  • They already said donation (and things like Tipee or Utip) is not working because the cost of the website depends of how many games are played each month. They never know how much they will need for the next month meaning there is no way to be sure donations during the month will be sufficient. Also just to give you an idea of the money involved with the Google Maps API usage (because Google Maps is not free at all), it would need tens of thousands of dollars monthly to bring back the free game. Good luck finding enough money with donations.

    Like me you also may have the idea of "enable x free game next month depending of the money received the previous month" but this is a stupid idea in the end as people would just rush the free games on the first day, depleting the whole stock in a matter of days at best. This will lead to frustrated donors that couldn't even play while they donated, who will complain and attempt justice stuff etc.

    Mapillary sucks, but it was either that or nothing. In my opinion it was not worth it, but they still wanted to offer an alternative I guess. Mapillary is the best competitor to Google Street View and this is a great proof of why monopoly is a bad thing: Google can set up the price they want since nobody can counter them and the x14 price multiplication last year clearly shows it.
  • google doesnt have a monopoly, just has the best product and invested a shit ton of money on it. They are not preventing anyone else from doing the same. As for the game, it's a shame it cant be done properly anymore.
  • Monopoly can also be a situation where the competitors are so far behind that almost nobody will even bother to use them. Try to give me another service than can compete with Google Street View and break that monopoly. You'll not find anything.

    Here are the services I know:
    • Bing Maps: low quality picture, mostly based on USA -> Not competitive
    • Apple Look Around: very new, extremely limited coverage for now, only accessible from Apple devices -> Not competitive
    • HERE maps: service not launched yet -> Not competitive
    • Yandex Maps: correct quality, but very limited to few places in ex-USSR countries -> Not competitive
    • Mapillary: good worldwide coverage (probably the best), but extremely low picture quality -> Not competitive
    • Baidu / Tencent maps: good quality, good functionalities, but only China and in Chinese -> Not competitive

    I don't think I need to continue. The point is: if Google can multiply their prices by 14 without any trouble then it's because they have full market domination, which is basically monopoly at this point. For GeoGuessr, it's the worst thing that can happen as their 100% dependent of Google.
  • No comment, just changed email address to continue getting comments in this thread [old address closed by ISP] seems to be the only way to change address
  • Is there any way to get a school trial? I understand the need for making money, but look, I use this feature for a single lesson, one day of it, and its going to cost me 45$ just to use it for one day. Its an EXCELLENT resource to use for explaining Absolute and Relative Location, but I cannot use it because of the pay requirements.
  • Why $45? If you are a teacher and want to make a custom challenge for your students you just need to get one pro account and create a challenge link you'll share. Anyone can play challenges for free. So basically this would either cost $3 or even nothing if you can just do it during the 10 days of the free trial.

    I can suggest you to make lot of challenges links, keep them somewhere so even when you won't have pro anymore you'll be able to share those links.
  • Agreed.  I don't get to use GeoGuessr often, so when I came back on today after a long hiatus, I was horrified at the changes.  Totally unplayable, and not enjoyable at all any more.  Looks like it doesn't use Google Maps any more and the interface is now just awful.  I know it is free, but now I won't ever be back - so disappointing.  I wonder what happened to make this change?  Is it money?  >sigh<   It's money.
  • To add to what everyone else put here, they had to change because Google raise the map page view fees by over 1600% last year.  Guess what other change Google made? The changed thier company motto from "Don't be evil" to "Do the right thing".  Maybe Google should read the mottos.
    Steve Stewart
  • Į likę to play this gamė when I'm stoned mosty. Great fun! Thanks. But I cant play now because the resolution of the free version is soooooo bad. It is really unplayable bad.
  • To everyone back-lashing about GeoGuessr now costing money,
    Do you expect free electricity? Free gas? Free internet?
    It costs money to run GeoGuessr. The reason the "free version" is so low-resolution and crappy is that it doesn't cost money for crap imagery. Every time you move in GeoGuessr, they have to pay money to Google to load the imagery. Stop hating on the devs because they can't have the massive debt that comes with running a major game for absolutely free. Also, it wasn't always this way. Google upped Maps prices so now - surprise - GeoGuessr has to cost money now! Just shut up and be thankful that GeoGuessr doesn't cost like $10 a month. It's literally the price of a coffee.

    Sam Kothe
  • Dear Sam,

    I don't think you see me back-lashing about needing to pay for it. I think the way of convincing people to buy the game is wrong. Because better resolution is what the game needs to make it fun. Without the resolution it is not fun. That is a very big difference to what you think people are complaining about.

    I gladly pay some money for it, but change this system that must convince people to buy the game to a week trial version for free. Than you don't disappoint the people that played this game before.

    I hope this comment is enlighting to you.


  • I’m just disappointed, no comment.
  • Came to say this. Was going to casually play but the paywall is stopping me right in my tracks.
  • If you want to use a service that costs money to their creators, you have to pay. You would expect someone else to pay for you?
  • @Mapper This game wasn’t like this until last summer. How much ridicolous is to play a game per day? That is a mockery to all old users. What a shame for a cultural unique game like that.
  • Mapper
  • @Mapper politically correct trash ahahahah
  • It is cheap for an American or European but not for everyone.  It is so easy to say as an American that is is cheap however try to pay this if the average salary in your country is 60-70 dollars for a month. Do u think that only americans play this game? Shame on you.

  • @Jones This update is unfair, regardless of economic possibilities.
  • Sad, used to be a fun game - no longer.  Money rukes everything now.  Not for me - goodbye for good.
    Dee G.
  • You guys are losing more people now than ever. Im not coming back to this unless something is changed.
  • You're wrong, the game is still played a lot. I can see it on my maps statistics. So yes, please do not come back if it's only to tell lies.
  • It sucks that you get one free game per 24 hours, then the program jumps to a screen such as "you have used all your tokens" or whatever, ruining the only game for the day. Stuff like that makes me wary of paying for anything,
  • It's just 2-3 Euro a month. Worth it, they can't make it free or they'll lose profit and server hosting and then they'll maybe have to shutdown. Do you want that?
  • @muchine If they won’t change, well actually yes. I don’t give a f*ck about paying something that before was just free
  • So you're the kind of guy that likes to work for free, right? I wish you were who created GeoGuessr, because you would make it free and pay yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for us! So generous!
  • I just believe that this is a way to delude people about what the project originally was, a completely free-to-play browser game to play with.
  • Yes but things changes, and Google decided to increase their prices which makes now impossible to keep the game free. If you did a bit of research you would have found out quickly but it's always better to complain first, right?
  • A lot of users leave, so they will actually decide its fate
  • Wrong. Again and again the same lies. Incredible how people are lazy about imagining new excuses. I've been recording map statistics and they show an increase of played games. Here are the statistics of the map "A Diverse World" which is one of the most played maps:

    I think the numbers speak for themselves, especially average played games per month.

    GeoGuessr doesn't need lot of players to stay alive, as the players are what generate costs. They only need enough money to pay Google's fees. With the pro limitation they simply removed all the free players that just randomly popped in, played 1-2 games of the World map without registering before going away to only come back in a few months. Those players were costing money with no return at all.

    The regular players either have a pro account or play challenges with other players. Yes, it's free to play challenges, they still make an effort to let players play for free despite of it making them lose some money. Sure it sucks to not be able to play anymore for free but that's Google who decided it, not GeoGuessr which had to deal with it by either shutting down or stopping being free.

    Despite of this, the game isn't dying, it's the absolute opposite, Twitch streamers play it a lot, YouTube never had as much GeoGuessr videos than before, the community is growing strong and there is no sign of weakness for now.

  • ok boomer
  • I'm speechless at how racist and antisemitic that was.
    Sam Kothe
  • Only people with financial interest in a service will ever defend a paywall.
  • This paywall is absolutely bs.
  • I just registered
    And i immidiately cancelled the account again because of fee.

    Sorry, NO Sorry.
  • Could you please also show the statistics from before the paywall?
    I can't imagine them now having more games played than at the beginning of 2019.
    Mapper 2
  • I only have statistics for the map "A Diverse World" up from 2017, available in this Google doc: https://goo.gl/Gj76EF

    You can see the huge spike right before the paywall was set as the game suddenly got played by popular streamers. This popularity increased the costs too much and the paywall had to be placed to avoid bankruptcy with API prices 14x higher than before. Obviously the drop in the played games is huge, but since a few months it's been up again and even way higher than ever.

    Sadly for the main map (World) I do not have statistics but 90% of the played games on this map were from casual players that didn't even bother making an account, less getting a pro subscription. Those players were the ones costing too much without any return for the game finances, and mostly vanished after the paywall. Let's be honest, the main goal of the paywall was to remove those costs, and it did perfectly. The game is fine now.
  • The game just increased casual players, cause main free players after the payeall got f****d off
  • I totally agree with u here. very bad completely ruined.,... finally someone said it!!!

    CAN|t BELIEVE i have to make this post...
    Barrie B Swagsen
  • All the cheapos who wants something for nothing, especially educators/teachers. If your class misses it that much? put a collection round the school for say 1 cent/1 pence or whatever your currency? and it will pay for itself. My sub better not increase to subsidise cheapo teachers etc.
  • The outcry of you guys is ridiculous. The creator has to finance it somehow by hosting and paying for the Google api. It's fucking 2 Euro per month. Cry more...
  • lol who fucking cares of this game anymore... I’ve found other better free games since then
  • For someone who "doesn't care", TheEternalGamer" spends a lot of time on this comments section. If you want to complain to someone, complain to Google. Good luck getting a positive response!
    Dadge City
  • I like this guy, Dadge city sounds like a right proper geezer!!!!

    Barrie B Swagsen
  • Point - game ruined
    Evidence - https://www.geoguessr.com/
    Explain - upgrade to pro
  • PLEASE do a one-time-payment method. If this existed me and my friends would pay gladly for it.
    Marcelo Prates
  • I understand now why GeoGuessr is no longer free but it still bustles my britches that google is screwing over GeoGuessr, I use to love this game so much and (while not really) thought I was pretty good at it, its a shame what google has done to this fantastic idea
    Smithy boi
  • the "loading location" icon comes up in every game i play but it never loads. in battle royale the timer always ends before i can even see the location
  • As an American, I have no problem paying $3/mo for this game, but I sympathize with the educators and with those from poor countries.
    My main gripe has to do with the players who get the GPS coordinates from google maps and nail the location within yards in a minute or two. As there is no rule against it, I suppose it's not cheating per se, but it totally devalues the game as a competitive geographic knowledge game. Anyone can use that tool to find the GPS, but not everyone can make a fairly accurate guess of a given location based on their knowledge of terrain, climate, vegetation, geology, language, etc. Competitors ought to swear an oath that they will not use this slight of hand method to win the most points.
    I can score over twenty thousand points without cheating anytime. Can they?
    Robert Lauriault

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