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Why can't you pay with PayPal for a monthly subscription?

I am asking purely for security reasons. I want to buy the monthly subscription but I feel a bit uncomfortable paying with anything other than PayPal when paying online. I'm just curious why this isn't an option. Thank you.


  • PayPal applies a fee on each transaction, including a fixed priced, and my bet is that those fees would be too high for such a small price ($3 for monthly plan VS $24 for one yearly plan). They would give too much to PayPal as the fixed fee will be applied 12 times instead of once per year. Can't confirm this is why only the yearly plan can be paid using PayPal, just my thoughts.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the question.

    For now we do not offer monthly subscriptions via PayPal but with another payment provider (Stripe).

    I can understand you have a payment provider that you prefer, but in terms of the different options we have right now its Stripe for monthly and yearly Subscriptions and PayPal for yearly.


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