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Why can't I sign out?

My daughters signed up last week (one free account and one 10-day free trial) but haven't been able to log out.  When they click on "Sign out"  we get a dialogue box which says: "Ouch! Could not contact the server to save the profile".  It flashes on then off so fast I had to video it to even read it.  We have 2 different computers, and no one else in the family can log onto Geoguessr because they can't log out.
Can you help?
Jean Anderson Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Jean

    To force a sign out the easiest way is to clear the cookies in the browser. How you do this varies between browsers but usually you can bring this option up by pressing ctrl+shift+delete at the same time.
    Have you had this problem before or is it a new issue?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi, thanks for the advice! It worked, temporarily, so I guess we'll need to prevent geoguessr from leaving cookies on the computer to solve the problem permanently.
    Thanks again,
    Jean Anderson

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