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Why are you shoving your grubby hands in my wallet?

I have spent so long playing this game, and it was loads of fun! I understand that you need some way to finance this project, but limiting people to a single game a day unless they pay you $2 is ridiculous.

I will likely stop using your service, so here's some advertiser money you're missing.
Chris S


  • Yeah, it's very weird. They are removing their entire user base - and they won't get new pro users by forcing free users to ludicrous restrictions.

    I've played for years without ad blocker, but now I can't play anymore
  • My custom map statistics actually shows that the core userbase is still here and growing. Their objective was to reduce the free players that are 100% loss for them and keep the game using Google services (which is the main problem that caused this update) behind players that will pay for those costs. Ads were clearly insignificant in terms of financial help. For now, this objective seems completed and will allow the game to survive the Google price explosion. Now let's hope this will allow them to work more on the game and offer more payment options, like buying game packages instead of forcing a subscription as I totally understand subscriptions are not always the best fit for anyone (notably casual players doing one game sometimes).
  • I think this is ridiculously unfair for nerds like us that have been using your servers for years to have some fun and grow in geographical knowledge, the limits have gone too far now. I believe this is a huge disappointment to many people, if not most.
  • And maybe you think it's fair that you used their servers for FREE when they have to pay for you to play?

    Your way of thinking is just disgusting.

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