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Why are country streak locations so absolutely rage inducing?

Do you really expect to get anyone to resubscribe when every other location is in the absolute middle of nowhere with all road signs blurred out and any sign of the movement not being glitchy is thrown out the window? Yesterday I was placed on a stone wall that had on single direction that led into a stone ruin...Absolutely not a single sign to work with that it was Jordan...Nor was it possible to navigate out of the asinine setup without clicking the multiple arrow directions and sticking to the exact same spot.

Are the locations for country streak only chosen when the aggregator is drunk?!?!


  • Jordan has pretty limited coverage to work with plus I think the place you’re talking about is a popular tourist destination there, but other than that I agree. I miss the old urban-heavy Country Streak. Rural locations are good in moderation but they definitely appear a little too frequently
  • It may just be my lack of patience. There are times where you put 10-15 minutes into a very rural location, only to end up at a dead end having to turn back and do
    All of the other game mode locations seem to be fine, which is why I’m led to believe the country streak locations must be chosen by some algorithm of sorts or simply there is actually a drunk person choosing them...or a small child.

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