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Where is my paid profile (Pro Profile)?

We tried to log in on another computer, but my son unfortunately tried and built a new profile with my emailadress. My profile from May 2020 is no longer available. E-Mail Address is, but there is a profile now which has no history. And is no longer my paid profile, i. e. "PRO Account".
Thanks for your help.



  • Hi Natascha,

    It sounds like you might have multiple accounts. Do you have another one you can try to login with? (Or facebook or google)

    Did you pay with credit card or paypal? If you send me an email with the last 4 digits and expiration date on the card I can have a look that way too.

  • Thank you. Creditcard last four: 9198, expiring 10/23.
    Email is
  • Thanks I found it, I've sent you an email with the address that's tied to to account.


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