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When was my GeoGuessr account created

I want to know if there’s a way to see when the account was made because I can’t find it on the profile


  • I tried to find this information but the only thing I can find is when I got pro so I assume it is not possible. This could be a nice small addition to profiles.
  • I got the "Newbie" badge when I played my first (classic) game. I still see it in my badge list. But I don't know if you still get it. So, assuming that you played your first classic game right after you created your account the Newbie badge will tell you the date.
    A European
  • Now new players get the Tutorial badge if they complete it the same day so should be in the badge list.
  • Indeed the newbie badge can be a good indicator, although not 100% accurate. In my case I created te account way before badges were introduced.

    Using the game's api I could find the date of 1st of June 2015 and I confirm it is correct as I found the confirmation email on an old mailbox I didn't use for a while. You can check the date by visiting while being logged in the website (only you can see your data so this link can be safely shared but of course do not share the returned data as it includes your email and other stuff).

    And by writing this I also realize you can just check the first email you get when creating your account to know the exact day. Of course if you didn't remove it since.

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