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What I had to do to get 25k on NYC map is just absurd... Please add minimal safe distance for 5k!

So earlier today I decided to give a try to get 25000 points on the official New York City map. Until now, nobody managed to get 25000 points. The best player was at 24998 points and all the other city maps have the same issue (which is already a big hint that something is wrong here).

In the end I finally managed to get 25000 points. Of course, I cheated. There is no way to do that without cheating, so I don't consider my score being valid. It's only to demonstrate the problem. So here is what I had to do in order to accomplish the perfect game on NYC map:

• Open a challenge already played by someone (in my case, the challenge that got the 24998 score) to get the exact locations,
• Replace "results" by "challenge" so I can play it,
For each location:
• Locate the correct place (what we usually do while playing normally),
• Use the border of the screen and the map with some landmarks on the map (like building edges, street name letters etc) at pixel precision to pinpoint the precise location, where the center of the flag icon is located on Google Maps,
• Use an ACTUAL TAPE MEASURE to get the exact distance between the borders and the actual location on my ACTUAL COMPUTER SCREEN, at a FUCKING HALF-MILLIMETER precision. And I'm joke even joking, that's really what I had to do.
• Pray that after all of this, the guess is under 0.2m to get the perfect score.

And you know what's worse with this? 0.1m can be too far away on the official London map to get the 5000 points. So even with all of this I would still be able to fail and lose a point. Also Google Maps isn't even that precise, most of time the answer is off-road or misplaced and you can't fix that since it's from Google.

I already did a suggestion about this months ago and I got an answer that you were going to investigate, but nothing happened since and that's clearly a major problem that brakes the game on small maps. How the hell would someone manage to do a perfect score without cheating when doing it by cheating is already almost impossible? This ruins the purpose of the game and I stopped counting the times I saw people complaining about this on internet.

It's stupid to force players to be so close, especially at a centimeter scale. Think about that, on London map, if you had to guess where the TAB button is on your keyboard and guessed on the H button, you would lose a point because that's more than 10 centimeters away. We're talking about centimeters here, on a major town scale! That's so idiot and it's clearly a bad game design.

It's not complicated to fix this, just add a safe distance like 10-20m where players will be sure to get 5000 points. That is not going to break anything in the game, your idea of scaling the points according to the area covered by the map will still work and it will even fix the problem of troll maps where dumb people just puts 5 locations stacked together to be sure getting 5000 is impossible. Two problems solved at once.

Hope this time you'll consider this and do something.
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  • Hi Mapper

    Thanks for the ambitious project, it was equal parts entertaining and horrifying to read, it does seem clear from your testing that this is a bit absurd. We've now added a "grace distance" of 5 meters and guesses that are closer than this is always rewarded with max points. We may need to tinker a bit with the size of the "grace distance" but this is at least a start!

  • Hi, thanks for adding this. Still, 5m is too low as the location can really be misplaced on Google Maps. I did 2 games on Paris and couldn't get the perfect because I got locations that are weirdly placed on Maps.

    For example, this challenge: On the round 1, by looking at the buildings around, I was clearly where I guessed but the point on Maps was 5m too far away on the east, making me losing points (and there is still the problem of distances not precise enough, here I probably did 5.01 or something above but the game rounded the number to 5.0 and removed the .0. Would be nice to have numbers displayed at .01 for distances under 10m).

    Another example which is more representative in my opinion:
    Round 2 was in a park and the paths are displayed as green lines. But they're very random and while I did hit the correct junction since I was clearly on a junction between 3 paths, I still got 11.3m and lost points. I find this unfair as I clearly guessed the good side of the lake, on the correct area.

    I think 15m would be correct, considering the lack of precision of Google Maps. If it was me I would even go for 25m because that's already a good performance and that would make the game less depending on the luck for long empty roads in small maps like Netherlands or Taiwan. But that's up to you.
  • Thanks for the input, I think we'll increase it a bit more..

  • After thinking and playing a bit, I came to the following conclusion for me:

    • Country maps: 100m to get 5000 points.
    • City maps: 25m to get 5000 points (100m may be too easy?)

    100m may be a lot, but have more proofs that Google Maps itself isn't enough accurate:

    • I got a location on Taiwan map that was around 40m from the actual road: (the round 2, near the "Taiwan" label in the middle). No way to get a perfect.
    • Another example in Sweden:
    Round 3 (the one in far north) was on a village where Google Map was completely wrong, the road being shifted almost 40m too much on the north compared to the houses visible on map, you can easily see that with the satellite view. No way to know if you have to trust the road or the houses...

    This is why I think 100m isn't too much for things like that... Since Google is the problem, Geoguessr has to adapt to it.

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