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Weird happenings with distance battle royale today (2022-06-03)


First I had today a BR distance round in Philippines, where I made two guesses, one in Quezon City, another near Cebu. The correct location was on the Alabat island.
I did not pay attention to the end of the round screen, but the next round was in Turkey and I had only one guess. Somehow my guesses did not get refreshed after the round. I am not completely certain which of the battle royales it was that are in my activity list, I'll add all recent ones to the end of this message.

Another weird thing is that when I looked at my weekend series leaderboard, it shows that I have played four games even though I have played only three. When looking at activities I see the game where I have been knocked out without making a guess. At that time I was playing the game I wonder if the game somehow dropped me into two different lobbies at the same time. The only other explanation that I can think of is that my start game browser request got duplicated and I saw only one response.

The battle royales that I have played today according to my activities:


  • Hi,

    It could be that two games where started at once, and therefore they both counted towards the Weekend Series games. For the time being we are not able to add/remove games, but we are working on a technical solution so that it will not be possible to be in more than one.

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