I play the weekly competition (WEEKEND SERIES) at GeoGuessr and I have a complaint that is very disturbing during the game: especially on long roads in unfamiliar territory, the arrows to move forward don't work well, they are often way too slow and sometimes barely move. It doesn't happen with every game, but it happens so often that it is v
Marcellus Visser


  • Hi,

    This is related to an update Google made a few weeks ago where some panoramas was affected.
  • OK, but it is very irritating. Can't that be solved?
    Marcellus Visser
  • Yeah I understand that. Its nothing we can magically resolve from our end currently Im afraid since its on Googles side.
  • Go complain to Google here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/217936671
    And get as much people as possible to complain as well because Google does nothing which is totally unacceptable for such a big company with a lot of capabilities and highly priced services.

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