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Just wanted to play against others. Create account. Apparently I have a username, but never created one - it's my email username, great now people can guess my email address, gotta find out how to change that. Nothing has hover text, so no clue. I never selected a profile icon, so I had to assume that icon was "me" and clicked on it. Got that sorted.

The banner on top of the page should be fixed on the bottom - I expect to see login/account info in top right, not a banner ad from the 90s.

Went to Classic. Again, no descriptive text anywhere. Click on each and they all go to a completely differently themed page. No consistency. The thing I'd assume most people want to do under Classic, to play World, the button is 840 pixels from the top of the page - practically scrolling off the page.

Go to Competitive. Holy shit, wtf is this. I guess a beta season is active (bottom left of page, not up front), and we are in week 1 of a weekend series? How does a weekend span multiple weeks? WTF is going on? Again, the thing people want to do, Duels, is at the bottom right of the page, practically scrolling off the page.

Not impressed.

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